Brewer Foundation for Civic Engagement

The Brewer Foundation for Civic Engagement has been formed by Boone County Commissioner, District 3, Jesse Brewer. A businessman who moved to Boone County in 2003, Brewer grew up in Cincinnati in a single parent household. After a short time, he knew from first-hand experience that Boone County offered the quality of life he was looking for in a community to raise his children. Initially, he moved to Northern Kentucky to pursue a career in law enforcement, but as the father of three small children, he made the decision that he wanted to be more involved in their formative years and determined it was best for him to leave law enforcement in order to expand his involvement in real estate investment and property management, which prompted him to start and grow his company: C.A.P. Real Estate. Being an entrepreneur, with responsibility for managing his investments and being entrusted to manage the investments of others, Brewer was a great choice for Boone County Commissioner and gained the title in 2018. Before he became Commissioner, Brewer decided to give back to the community by creating the Brewer Foundation for Civic Engagement in 2016. The Foundation is a parent organization from which two community involvement events sprang: The Brewer Foundation for Civic Engagement Scholarship Program and Landlord Santa. The Scholarship Program presents area high school seniors who have shown civic engagement and community involvement with scholarships to help them pursue their educational goals. Landlord Santa, a privately funded program which has been put on annually since 2009, aims to take as many low-income children Christmas shopping each year, giving each child enough money to get necessary winter clothing and underclothes and ensuring there is extra for toys and other fun items of the child’s choosing. As the proud father of four children, Brewer aims to create a more beneficial future for Boone County and the surrounding areas by continuing with his community involvement and ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to achieve.

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